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Football season is underway with college football kicking off last August 25, and Rose Bowl champions Alabama set for a back-to-back championship campaign on their season opener on September 1.

The season probably have you fired up, and it’s no wonder that college football bets are expected to fly off the bat with team odds that will surely keep you on your toes.

How to stay ahead of the game and on the better bettor list? Check out our top 10 winning tips for college football bets.

#1. It’s all in the teams

Follow several teams and observe how they play the game. Does the quarterback choke on the fourth quarter or does the offense falter as the clock windows down? Stats and stamina all play significant roles in the gridiron, and it’s up to you to make your winner’s list and checking it twice.

#2. Defense makes or breaks

If you love playing against the odds, check the defense of mismatched teams especially that of the match favorite. A little crack in the defense can make you score big with an upset win.

#3. Look for the game-changing variable

Alabama may be the hands-down favorites with its season-opener match against Louisville, but a 25 to a 30-point line isn’t a done deal with Lamar Jackson going pro. With Baltimore Ravens snatching the Louisville QB, the betting line will undoubtedly be affected. What about the season-opener venue in Florida? From here on, you should check the game-changing variables like teams who play poorly in away games or internal strife within the coaching staff of a powerhouse.

#4. What’s a normal line

Expect 25 to 30 points as the standard in college football. You will be amazed by the handicaps given for teams. Once upon a time, a college team’s betting line was set at 70. It’s just evening the odds and taking into account talent discrepancies between the college teams. We can’t all be betting on a powerhouse like Notre Dame without some exciting betting line to heat up the bets.

#5. Betting lines even the wagers

Ponder on the lines for this new season by pondering on last season’s wins. Current national champs Alabama had a 6-7-1 odds against the spread last season. Betting on lines, it won more than 40 points in 4 games, twice over 50 points, and scored and won a 66-point game. Blowout games are calculated by bookmakers and sportsbooks to incorporate the possible big scores into the betting lines.

#6. Check the opening week’s best games

This season, pay attention to the matchups with 6th-ranked Washinton going head-to-head with 10th-ranked Auburn. You might think it’s a giveaway match, but Auburn was the only team to upset Alabama’s winning streak last year. Also, 14th-ranked Michigan and 11th-ranked Notre Dame are matched up for the opening week for some exciting play and wagering.

#7. However, ranks can be misleading

Ranks are set based on last year’s performance, but last season’s team may not have the same players this season. Think about it, how can you rank in the Top 10 without having played one single game yet. Rankings in the first two weeks are simply a great misdirection and sometimes are just set to liven up the betting boards.

#8. Don’t ask what a bad team can’t give you

Don’t pray for and expect miracles from a bad team that will probably quit halfway in a lopsided overmatched game. This isn’t Hollywood nor a Hallmark movie. Check the team history.

#9. This year’s giveaway tips

Looking over the list and the college teams that played well in front of the home crowd are Kansas State, Colorado, Louisiana Tech, Marshall, and Arizona State. While Wisconsin and Alabama may flounder, both teams play hard and win harder when playing against a tough team in front of the homies.

#10. Don’t doubt yourself

You studied the coaching staff, the players, the stats, and all the stuff in between. You know your teams and listening to a tip or two may work for you. But in the long run, bear in mind that tipsters will probably also hold out some juicy tidbits. Go with your hunch and place your bets as you see fit.

Good luck and give it the good old college try.

Top 10 Tips To Win Your College Football Bet
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Top 10 Tips To Win Your College Football Bet
Football season is underway with college football kicking off last August 25, and Rose Bowl champions Alabama set for a back-to-back championship campaign on their season opener on September 1.
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