FanDuel Sportsbook – FanDuel has stoked sports betting fans in New Jersey as it rolled out its first ever online sportsbook in the state, with a possible lineup of partnerships in other states as well. It’s easy for bettors to forget that this site is a company that offers daily fantasy sports, but it is anticipating a flood of customers who are ready to taste some NFL action in their virtual space. And because of this, FanDuel went over their existing platform and has also rolled out new formats and features for their customers.

FanDuel Launches

On July 14, FanDuel officially launched its sports betting site at the Meadowlands Racetrack adding to the sports betting industry in New Jersey alongside Monmouth Sportspark. What sets this apart from the other is that it offers a venue where two NFL franchises have played adding to the thrill of the betting game. Plus it offers sports betting on all the major sports in the country which means that you will have more options to consider.

New Jersey has raked in around $16 million during the last two weeks of June with half of it coming from Monmouth Sportspark which was the first site where sports betting occurred after the Supreme Court ruling against the 1992 federal law. The state is eyeing a $300 million annual earning once sports betting sites go up aside from Monmouth Sportspark and FanDuel.

FanDuel Delivers Innovative Features

Nik Bonaddio, FanDuel’s Head of Product, focused on the casual customer as their new approach for their online sports betting site. According to Bonnadio, most of the complaints that they got with their online gambling site was that the daily fantasy sports was just too difficult. He further stated that for beginners, the spreadsheet and contests that appeared on the lobby of their site appeared too daunting for those who wanted to try sports betting for the first time.

What they did was to create Guru which helped out newcomers on how sports betting works and even nudge them to making logical decisions that are strategically ideal for them. Bonaddio stated that Guru acts as a lineup wizard that gives recommendations after your lineup. This increases a bettor’s chance of bringing home some winnings.

Guru was designed to factor in remaining salary, previous picks, overall strategy, as well as the type of contest the gamer wants to place their bets on. numberFire was used to run the logic behind FanDuel. Although there are several third-party sites that make use of similar optimizers for lineups, FanDuel is the only sports betting site that has integrated this operator for their daily fantasy sports. What’s even better is that this tool is optional, and you can take advantage of it because it is completely free.

Bonaddio pointed out that they invested on games that were free to play in the same gaming formats so that they will be able to attract not just the experienced players but also the casual gamers. Thanks to the success of Big Game Bingo, FanDuel launched additional free games just in time for the NFL season and they don’t even include creating lineups.

FanDuel Going Mobile?

There are a lot of news going on that FanDuel will be moving on to mobile just like DraftKings and it was hinted that they will be finalizing all the details just in time for football season. Jeff Gural, Meadowlands Racetrack owner, wasn’t really hopeful with regards to the regulating of sports betting in New Jersey, but with Meadowlands showing off their strongest number in July, it is possible that Gural’s company will be joining an exclusive club real soon as their sports betting partner, FanDuel, will be launching their mobile platform real soon.

According to Gural, they were hopeful that FanDuel’s mobile platform will be operating soon and their facility in Meadowlands will have an area that will be dedicated to sports betting which is where they were focusing on today. Although this news wasn’t that surprising, it offers a new perspective on where FanDuel Sportsbook is towards offering sports betting through mobile app.

Slight Hitch In FanDuel Payouts

Although there is much excitement on FanDuel’s possible mobile app release, they encountered a slight hitch last July with regards to the payouts. It appeared that the sportsbook wasn’t able to cash out all the winning tickets on the same day. Customers took their anger online which can spell trouble to this sports betting site if it doesn’t take steps to correct it.

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