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DraftKings Sportsbook – DraftKings is poised to show off its sports betting ahead of the much-awaited NFL season. This comes after the Supreme Court has removed the 1992 federal law banning sports betting throughout the United States except Nevada that became the gambling center in the country. Now that the ban on sports gambling has been lifted, fantasy sports companies, such as DraftKings and FanDuel, did not waste any time and started building their online sports betting sites since this will account for a large portion of their earnings. This is not surprising as casino players and bettors across the country are eager to get in on the action especially now that NFL is nearing.

A Glimpse Of DraftKings Sportsbook Sports Betting Site

DraftKings knows how important it is to launch their online gambling app ahead of others because competition will be fierce. Illegal sports gambling is already a $150 billion industry every year. Imagine what states can gather when they legalize this gambling. DraftKings wasn’t going to wait and let others take the rein as they are offering an invite-only online sports betting app so bettors will get an early access to their page once they launch.

According to Dan Hannigan-Daley, bettors who would like to place a wager will have to open the app, choose the game that they want to bet on, wager the amount of money that they want, then place their bets. Users will have access to any open bets that they have and they have the option to withdraw their wager during or after the game.

Why DraftKings Sportsbook Is King

With their invite-only mobile sportsbook app showing their customers what they are in for, DraftKings has finally launched their app to serve anyone who is in the state of New Jersey. During their launch, it was clear that DraftKings gaming environment was already competitive with almost all of available sports included and wagering options that both beginner and professionals are sure to enjoy. Expect to find a full suit of in-game bettings as well as props betting options here. What else is there to like about DraftKings? It is the only sportsbook betting site that has a live-ticket system.

The soft launch of the mobile sportsbook wasn’t all that exciting as baseball lines were just too wide to make it competitive which garnered some sour reactions from the Twitterverse. However, the prices look a bit better this week thanks to the NFL lines opening at the same pricing as the other markets. Still, it was the first ever sports betting site that was launched in New Jersey way ahead of its competition.

DraftKings Sportsbook Shakes Up Its Staff

DraftKings has recently announced that they have an office in San Francisco and were already planning on opening one in Las Vegas. This press release also focused on the new changes in their staff where they have acquired Frank Kunovic, who was a director at Caesars. These new hires were to help the momentum that DraftKings was in especially with their recent launch of their online sports betting site.

By hiring a new head for DraftKings sportsbook back in February, the company’s plans for sports betting was being talked about in the public. Jamie Shea, the new head of the digital platform of DraftKings Sportsbook, came from IGT and brought with her an extensive list of experiences in the role of sportsbook.

DraftKings Sportsbook Is Still Waiting

DraftKings is still comfortably ahead of its competitors as this newest sports betting site is making waves for the past 2 weeks. With most people in the sports betting field getting caught off guard with the news that DraftKings has opened a site in San Francisco and planning on another one in Las Vegas, with many wondering if they are planning on setting up shop there as well. It’s easy to see why DraftKings is leading in the sports betting site in New Jersey as it is still the only online sports betting available as of now. It launched its platform just this first day of August. Everyone is still waiting if there are other companies that will be competing against DraftKings any time soon.

However, even though that DraftKings is enjoying a nice lead in the sports betting market in New Jersey, they still have a problem and that is entering into other states other than New Jersey. It pays to see whether their plans of moving to different states will be lucky for them in the coming months.

DraftKings Sportsbook – The Best Sports Book In The US – Here’s Why
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