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Everything You Need To Know About Legal Sports Betting In The US

Sports betting is quite alive in the United States where participants place a wager on the outcome of a particular game. Sports wagering happens on various games such as American football, basketball, boxing, mixed martial arts, baseball, automobile racing and the like for both amateur and professionals. This betting can also include horse racing and greyhound racing with some instances on political elections just to name a few.

Sports bettors usually place their wager with a sports book or a bookmaker for those legal sports betting sites while those who are joining illegally owned betting sites will place their bets with a bookie. If you want to get the best value for your money, placing your bets on legal sportsbooks is highly recommended because your wager will be tracked. These are typically found online where they usually operate outside the area in order to avoid several gambling laws in various areas such as in Las Vegas in Nevada [1].

Sports Betting

Sports Betting Tips

If this is your first time in sports betting, you probably feel daunted with all the numbers that are being bandied about in many online sports betting sites and sports betting forum already. What’s more, how will you be able to follow all the sports leagues that are being offered in many sports betting sites. Well, it pays to know a little about these gambling sites so you will know where to place your money. Of course, first things first, you need to determine which game you want to put your wager on so here are a few sports betting tips to take note of if you want to try Bovada sportsbook.

Just to give you an idea on how sports betting odds work, let’s focus on auto racing first. Auto racing has quickly risen in popularity in many online sportsbooks. You can even check out free sports betting sites if you like to get a feel for the game. If you are going to look closely at the betting structure for this game, you will find that it is actually quite similar to that of golf where the basic bet that you can do is to choose who will win the game. Most of the time, you will find that a sportsbook will be listing 20 or more drivers with field option accompanying various odds to study.

So here’s how sports betting picks work and the odds that they have: Jeff Gordon has an odd of 4-1 with Casey Atwood at 100-1, Jeff Burton 15-1 and so on. If you place your $10 bet on Burton, who has 15-1 odds, and he won the race, you will get $150 on top of the $10 wager that you have placed which means that you will be earning $160 [2].

If you are into basketball, you will find that betting on this sports can yield a huge payout if you are lucky. To place your sports bets on your favorite team, you just tell the ticker writer the bet number of the team that you are backing up, along with the point spread, and how much you want to wager. Unless it is stated otherwise, your payout will be at 10/11 where, if you wager $11, you will win $10 and a return of $21 which is referred to as the straight bet.

With regards to point spread, the team that you choose will have to cover the spread so to speak which basically means that the team needs to win or not lose within a predetermined margin of score. The spread will be placed on the immediate right of the team that you have placed your bet on. You can also check out winning sports betting advice that is offered by other players in an in-play betting scenario so you will know how they approach bets such as in bitcoin sports betting sites and the like.

Legal Sports Betting NJ

Legalizing Sports Betting in the US

Like it was mentioned before, betting on sports wasn’t really considered legal in many states in the country. New Jersey actually fought for legalizing gambling in terms of sports in their casinos as well as in racetracks throughout the state. Several states backed New Jersey in their fight claiming that Congress has actually exceeded their authority after it passed the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act which bars states from actually legalizing sports betting.

New Jersey, on the other hand, said that the constitution does let Congress pass laws with regards to wagering on a sports game but they said that the Congress won’t be able to force states to keep the prohibitions on place [3].  The law actually bars sports gambling that has been state-authorized with the exceptions for Montana, Delaware, Nevada, and Oregon. It is only in Nevada where Las Vegas sports betting on a single game is allowed. This law doesn’t cover animal races too which are allowed in other states.

Legal Sports Betting New Jersey

Legalizing Sports Betting in New Jersey

According to ESPN, the wait is finally over as sports betting can actually begin on Thursday in New Jersey with New Jersey’s Governor, Phil Murphy, signing a legislation Monday where it allows the state’s casinos and racetracks to offer sports betting. Murphy further stated that he was thrilled to sign Assembly Bill 4111 since it meant that the casinos in Atlantic City as well as race tracks within the state can gain more fans and bettors which can strengthen the economy  [4].

This will be the second state, alongside Delaware sports betting, that will now be able to offer sports betting ever since the Supreme Court ruling. It was only Nevada that was allowed to provide fans online betting for sports events.

Sports Betting US

Where is Legal Sports Betting Heading in the United States

With the Supreme Court striking down the federal law that bans sports betting after 26 years, states are now given leeway to decide whether they will allow legal sports betting on basketball, hockey, football, baseball, and others. What this means is that you will be able to bet on sports soon enough in your area depending on how fast the states roll out their best sports betting sites for fans in their area. As soon as legalize sports betting was approved by the Supreme Court, three states, namely New Jersey, Delaware, and Mississippi, have already stated that they will be accepting legal sports bets in just a few weeks [1].

Where will bettors be able to place their bets? This will vary depending on which state you are located. There are some states that have already given permission to casinos to open their sports books while others can be found in their state lotteries. Others are still considering whether they will accept online betting, sports betting apps, casino betting, betting parlors, and the like to operate.

College Sports Betting

What’s In Store for Leagues?

Now that the states are allowed to legalize sports betting, what is its impact on major leagues in the country? Legal experts are now predicting that players’ unions, as well as sports leagues in various states, will be seeking a cut from sports betting legal earnings.

New Jersey’s law has been challenged by various leagues such as National Basketball Association, National Football League, National Collegiate Athletic Association, National Hockey League, and Major League Baseball for fear that sporting events will be marred because of sports betting. It is possible that the U.S. Congress will be considering coming up with a legislation that will regulate best sports betting sites and the like which, according to the National Football League, they are more than happy to welcome [6].

A statement from the NFL stated that they knew that Congress already knows the potential threat of sports gambling to the integrity of their sports as well as the confidence of the public in the outcome of these games. The NFL is calling out to the Congress to come up with a core framework that will be used to regulate sports betting as much as possible. NBA commissioner Adam Silver supports a federal framework that will provide a more uniform approach to sports gambling in states that allow them but the NBA will still participate in the discussions that are ongoing. He further stated that whatever the particulars of future discussions, the integrity of the NBA is their highest priority [7].

It is highly likely that sports betting will be done in brick-and-mortar business establishments first but it is possible that sports betting online will happen in the near future as sports betting algorithms software will still be tested if there are regulations going to be put in place by Congress. A research firm has already estimated that there are 32 states that are ready to provide the best sports betting sites to their fans within 5 years even before the court has ruled over the 1992 ban.

The president and CEO of American Gaming Association, Geoff Freeman, said that the ruling was considered as a victory for all Americans, especially those who belong to the sports betting community, who want to enjoy their time in Delaware sports betting locations or sports betting Washington state in relative safety and security.

Freeman further stated that the ruling has given the states as well as other nations the opportunity for Americans a chance to play sports betting in a transparent, open, and responsible environment where they can enjoy their game in a safe and secure manner.

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